Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ebooks- whatta load of shit!

Hello there.
As you can probably tell from the title, I hate e-books and all e-related things. I think that it has something to do with the fact you can't feel the paper between your fingers, you can't smell the newness of the page, or if you like buying second-hand books, you can't feel, smell or see the history and extra charisma the book has to add. To me personally, if I'm reading and during an emotional moment in the story and you can clearly see a tear drop someone else has cried, knowing they have felt the same emotions as you, well is there any better feeling?
For me that's a no. But then again maybe that's just me...

"Featuring a book on your bookshelf is akin to displaying a trophy. You've accomplished something in reading a book; it feels like a victory. The opportunity to display your literary conquests in unique or unexpected ways is something I will greatly miss with the e-readers." Some random thing on the internet.

But i thought, how true! To be honest I'm not a person of many achievements, I don't play sport, nor do any extra curriculum activities, in fact, I may as well say it, I'm a hobby-less person, I guess that's why I started writing a blog, I can finally talk about my one true hobby- reading, and showing off the books I have read is something I really take pride in.

I agree with that quote so much it's crazy, I guess that come down to my undying love for awesome bookshelves. Also I do see the charm in e-books and e-readers, if you're going on a long holiday where you intend to do a lot of reading you only need to take one small thing instead of a suitcase full. But then what about elements such as, always making sure it has battery and making sure it's always working properly, it lacks qualities that makes books so hassle free and enjoyable.

Which bring me to a much deeper problem, are we too reliant on technology? And is it involved in too many aspects of our lives? When is it time to draw the line? I know that I probably couldn't go a day without my computer or my phone, it's a saddening fact.

On a final note, I would like your opinions on e-books? Yay? Nay? Would you buy one?


  1. Well considering my iPod doubles as a music player and ebook reader I think apple has made a good job of turning a lot of peoples ordinary devices into ebook readers already, if I would buy a dedicated ebook reader then no, there simply isn't enough content to make it a plausible option. Apple seems to have done the best job with their iPad but you can never get ALL books ready for sale online. Showing off a bookcase is a good thing but if your someone that is on the go a lot then it is much easier to use your existing devices as ebook readers. Books are suited for reading at home where they can be safely stored And shown off. Keep it up with the blog posts I prefer more detail in these than shortened status updates. 

  2. While there is nothing better to me than a physical book, I have to acknowledge the usefulness that is my Kindle. In order to get all of my books read and reviewed by their deadlines, I average reading about 1 1/2 books a day. I am a mom, I have a full time job and I take care of my sick husband. I can't get that many books read and accomplish all of my tasks. So I have my lovely Kindle, which reads the books to me, and I am able to get my reviews in on time. Plus, as a book reviewer, you'll find that publishers are moving toward sending out e-galleys because it is more cost effective, so in order to have a good working relationship with the publishers, I had to learn to make some concessions. I also don't have the shelf space for all of the books I review, so its nice that a Kindle can hold so many books. Again, my favorite thing is to crack open a physical book, but I do love the ease of my Kindle!

  3. I understand where you are coming from. I love the feel of a book, I love the smell of a book, I love going into a big bookstore and getting completely lost. However, I do believe eBooks and eReaders are the future. That is sad in a way, and I do think we rely too much on technology. I couldn't do without my iPhone or my MacBook. I just bought a Kindle a couple weeks ago and I'm already loving it. Not having to go OUT to the store to buy books and being able to buy indie books is awesome! I do miss the feel and smell of a book, but the Kindle screen really looks like a book.
    Also, the Kindle's battery lasts a month. Not bad. I bought the Kindle instead of a Nook or iPad because I only wanted it for books. I don't need it for email or all the other stuff... just reading.
    Of course, now I'm biased a little, because both of my books are eBooks and it's too expensive for the customer for me to publish them as paper books. I wasn't too sure that anyone would buy my eBooks, especially being YA books, but people are buying them. Now, I'm just hoping it's not "just a fad".

  4. I'm exactly the same but I ended up buying one recebtly. Something I never thought I would do. Nothing elsborste, but its proved quite useful so far.

    It's also opened up a whole new world of borrowing books from my local library. Two week loans then they disappear off your e-reader, which means I can be slightly lazy sometimes and know I'm not going to end up with a fine for late return.

    It's useful but it will never be the same experience as reading a proper book. I know the technology is meant to help us advance, but I hope its not at the cost of the REAL book.