Sunday, February 20, 2011

99 Things About Adriana

1. I prefer to be called Knower-of-All.
2. I'm 16 years old. 
3. I have curly hair and dye it too much.
4. This weekend I have watched a whole season of Nikita worked 9 hours, done my homework and read the constitution.
4. I have the biggest fear of toads. I love frogs but cry if a toad touches me. 
5. I also have a weird phobia of loosing all my eyelashes. 
6. I live in the wettest town in Australia- when I was obsessed with Twilight I thought of it as a good thing, now not so much. 
7. I love dead trees and I have one painted on my bedroom wall. 
8. I'm the the baby- I have an older brother by 7 years and an older sister by 6 years.
9. I have had nearly every pet imaginable (still waiting on the elephant though). Currently we have a pet baby kangaroo named Dusty (after Slim) other previous pets include a rat named Rambo, a cockatoo called Charlie, a cow named Marma (after little Women- even though it was a boy cow) fish, horses, cats, fish, cat, dog. 
10. I totally just realised I forgot what my fighter fish was called :(
11.  When I say 'we' I either mean my family or my friends.
12. My New Years Resolution is to finish my first book. 
13. I'm quite sadden by the fact that I like writing so much about myself.
14. I'm  currently learning Spanish- because I'm going to Spain this year.
15. I went to China last year- that was pretty cool. 
16. I want to do law and politics when I finish school.
17. Melbourne is my favourite city in Australia. I love unpredictable weather. 
18. I actually really love weather and talking about it.
19. Right now I feel like eating beetroot 
20. I think that Mac's, Subway and bananas are overrated.
21. I just went to the kitchen and there was no beetroot so I'm making myself some toast with cinnamon and sugar instead.
22. Strange choice I know
23. My Mum calls me a street angel home devil- and it's sadly very true 
24. I'm a really good liar- sometimes I even convince myself things. 
25. I can't make cinnamon toast as good as Grandma.
26. If I could change one thing about the world it would be my position in it. I would probably make myself a ruler of all, not in a Hitler way but then I could change what I wanted whenever I wanted it.
27. The two things I can talk about forever are food and animals. 
28. Despite what you are probably thinking I'm not morbidly obese.
29. I can't name my favourite food, I love red meat and could probably eat it every night. I particularly love kangaroo meat, not only is it better for the environment but it's tastier too. I also love ethnic food, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Turkish <3
30. I can eat a whole block of chocolate by myself in one sitting.
31. I think that's enough about food. 
32. I don't know if it's possible but I am simultaneously a morning person and a night owl.  
33. I wish I was left handed
34. I wish I had an artistic bone in my body.
35. I love the fact that when I wrote this it was 7:00pm but still sunny.
36. I can't wait to own a Porsche and a BMW 
37. I wonder who has actually read up to this number. 
38. I thought listing 99 things about myself would be easier.
39. I'm a waitress and a barmaid- I have thought being a waitress was 10 times cooler since watching True Blood.
40. I'm a massive fantasy addict.
41. I just finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It wasn't all it was cracked up to be, I'm actually quite disappointed.
42. I'm currently reading a book about a slave girl in the time of the American Revolution. It's called Chains and is kind of boring. 
43. I hate the heroes in stories, most authors have wonderful ways of making there lead characters positively BORING! 
44. I wish I had a hobby. Don't get me wrong, I try a lot of different things but nothing totally tickles my fancy. 
44.5 Mehehehehe I'm half way there. 
45. I believe in God and consider myself a religious person. 
46. I think that me putting a 44.5 just made it 100 things about Adriana :/ 
47. My Mum sometimes say's 'ya mum'. Example-
Me- "Your so gay." 
Sister- "Your face is so gay"
Mum- "Your Mum is so gay." It's really funny
48. No one in my family has read my blog.
49. I don't really have a hero, but I love Sir David Attenborough 
50. Well I got my learner's licence last year in November but I'm totally over driving already.
51. I wish I lived in another century like the 80's or the 1700's.
52. I have 786 friends on Facebook.
53. I consider smell to be the most important sense, I hate ever not smelling good.
54. I'm super good at finding things because I'm always loosing them.
55. I'm pretty upfront about my weirdness. 
56. I have never put my Facebook status as music lyrics, it annoys the hell out of me. I mean if you don't have anything better to put as your status, just don't put anything.
57. I like to know every bodies business and can usually find out everyone's secrets.
58. At the moment I feel like reading some Shakespeare. But because I'm writing this blog I can't. 
59. I think tonight I will stay up late, because I don't have to work tomorrow night and therefore can go to bed early. 
60. I have exactly 100 friends online on Facebook Chat.
61. I wish Facebook didn't rule my life. 
62. I wish that magic was real. 
68. I don't ever cry in front of people.
69. You probably didn't realise I skipped a few numbers. 
70. I hate people think they are too good to do various tasks or jobs. It's like hey how can you say your worth more than that when you have never worked to know what your actually worth. 
71. I really never want to get old, and I have always had a feeling I'm going to die young. 
72. I just got my room done up, but haven't moved in yet. I'm excited to though. 
73. I hate the fact you're not supposed to start a sentence with 'because' 
74. I have no weirdness about nudity. If you were a part of my family, you wouldn't want to. 
75. I hate when people break the school rules, I know that sounds sad/super nerdy but I mean it isn't that hard to take off your tacky jewellery, dye over those gross blonde streaks and keep your face clean. 
76. I can't wait to travel the world.
77. I want a pilot husband. 
78. I'm pretty skilled with a computer. 
79. I always have a cup of tea after dinner.
80. This is definitely the longest blog I have ever wrote. 
81. At work I can remember what every single person orders.  
82. I can't stand getting yelled or reprimanded by someone other than my family, it makes me go all shaky and scared. 
83. I have crazy dreams.
84. I had a dream about getting really fat, so now I'm going to go on a diet. 
85. I have a strange liking for guys with big noses. 
86. I go through phases where I read a lot and times when I hardly read.
87. I could have a full conversation with someone by the time I was 2 years old.
89. I didn't move out of my parents room until I was 13. 
90. Woahhhh only 9 more! 
91. I only got my power back on Friday, and I solemnly swear never to under appreciate a hot shower again.  
92. I wish I could play an instrument.
93. I plan ahead to much and get disappointed easily.
94. I used to get really stressed but I don't any more, I think it's because I don't care as much about things anymore.
95. I am a shopaholic. I honestly don't know anyone with more clothes than me. 
96. I have never had as much money in the bank as I do now- $1160.
97. I inherited a house in 2008, so that's pretty cool.
98. I love being in control of situations. 
99. I would probably be the semi-likeable baddie in a book.

ARGHHH I'm so glad this blog is over. Sorry it's not my best but no book has been particularly note worthy recently and my fans were growing restless (I wish).
Anywho nightttt :)


  1. You have a pet kangaroo??^^ Man, how cool is that?!
    Welcome to the blogging community :) Got your blog address from Book Blogs, and I'm officialy your 3rd follower!
    Stop by my blog sometimes :)

  2. Great blog list. I'm impressed you came up with 99 interesting points. You are very self aware for 16 and I think that bodes well for life and writing.

  3. Hi, Adrianna! First of all, welcome to book blogging! :D Whoa! You inherited a house?!? That's awesome!!

    Thanks for following! <3

  4. Hi, I'm a new follower from Book Blogs. Love this post :) Very interesting things!!