Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chess- XOXO Gossip Girl

I never knew how to play chess until last week, note: I get obsessed with things very easily. So I started playing chess a lot. I would play at lunch time, in my spare periods and at home on the net and if there was no one challenge-worthy online, I would verse Microsoft. So yes I went from never understanding anything about chess to it being all I could think about. Chess is primarily a game of strategy and tact, which as I was playing I was thinking holy crap how much is life like a game of chess, in the sense that everything that you do will always have repercussions whether they are good or bad. For example, when starting a game of chess it is usual to move a pawn first, just because, you know it’s something that doesn’t seem very important and they are in front of all the other pieces so why not move them first. Then later on in the game, your pawn might be your only defence for your king or your queen.
So how does this relate to real life? I will just take a really cliché example. The life of Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, assuming she is the queen - she will always make her minions do the dirty work that she feels is below her but in reality, her minions are the only ones who keep her popular, without them she wouldn’t have any power. What good is a queen without the pawns? In saying this you can only win a game of chess with a king and either a queen or a rook. So technically she is good without the pawns, but then her only purpose is to serve the King whom is above her. So then she has little value anyway. Does this mean, for our demographic, that we are only as good as the people and the number of people that follow us and that we lead? The answer I think is yes, but then again, we are all leaders to some people and followers to people we assume to be superior to us. And isn’t it funny that if you get your pawn to the other end of the board it becomes a queen itself? I think you can come to a conclusion yourself there. Another Gossip Girl example would be in season 3 when they all go to college and because they are out of the Upper East Side; Vanessa becomes a queen of a sort- an extremely bad dressed queen, but one nevertheless.
Hence, life is like a game of chess.

This is a blog I wrote in May but never uploaded. Funnily enough I was only obsessed with chess for two weeks. I was playing a game, which I thought it was inevitable for me to lose. A friend and I had been playing on the bus and we were going to continue after the weekend, I had all weekend to figure out every move possible to make, obviously not. I had two queens and I figured I could have her in checkmate in two moves. But for some reason the Monday morning when we continued, I didn’t predict the move that she did, it would have been the only move I didn’t realise she may have done. Then because of this move, I just moved a piece that I didn’t think would do any harm. Then somehow, in her next move she got me in checkmate and I lost. From then on I refused to ever play chess again. Another conclusion I just drew, it’s funny how you can have two of the best pieces on the board and honestly believe that you are going to win and completely demolish your opponent, but then by one silly mistake you just crash and burn! Honestly, it makes me mad just thinking about it. Thank you for reading to my philosophical approach to chess.

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